Money-saving bio-fuel making machine of EP factory

2019-10-22 10:56:00
Summary :In the industry of manufacturing charcoal from biomass wastes, Money-saving bio-fuel making machine and carbonizing furnaces are very important equipment. In other words, they are core machines in a charcoal briquette production line. If the raw material is relatively large pieces or granules, a crushing machine should be equipped before the biomass briquetting machine. What’s more, if the raw material is too wet, you can put a drying machine after the crusher machine.

The Money-saving bio-fuel making machine is well designed. The structure of a briquette machine is simple and reasonable. And it is easy to operate the briquette machine. What’s more, the rate of finished products of our briquette machines is pretty high. That means our machines are high-efficiency equipment.

Our biomass briquetting equipment employs corn stalks, corncob, twigs, leaves and saw dust as raw materials. Firstly, you need to use an EP crusher machine to make those materials into small particles or powder. Then the crushed material will be compressed in the Money-savingbio-fuel making machineof EP factory.

Money-saving bio-fuel making machine have used the technique of piston stamping and spiral prepressing. That will make sure that the movement of the forming molds will not be damaged heavily. In other words, our briquetting equipment’s service life is longer.

This equipment is designed reasonably. What’s more, they are high-quality bio-fuel making machine with a simple structure. In addition, biomass briquette machines are small in size, so the space demand of the machine is small. Moreover, the equipment is energy-saving and labor-saving.

Money-savingbio-fuel making machine employs a steep-lead feeding propeller, so the feeding speed is fast. What’s more, the extruding propeller inside the machine has a small lead, which will save energy.

Money-saving bio-fuel making machine of EP factory

Biomass raw material such as wood branches, bamboo dust and crop stalks need to go through four steps to be finished charcoal products. The four processing steps are crushing process, drying process, briquetting process(Money-saving bio-fuel making machine and carbonizing process.

The charcoal briquettes that are produced by Money-saving bio-fuel making machine of EP factory are black hollow rods whose density is three times higher than common charcoal. Its calorific value is about 7000 kcal per kilo. What’s more, ash carbon content of it is significantly lower than that of common charcoal, so it is often used in barbecues.

Biomass charcoal briquettes made by bio-fuel making machine are clean energy. After burning, there is only little ash left. This is good for environment protection. What’s more, little ash is left means you don’t need a large place to store the ash. And the ash can be used as fertilizer.

The electric controller of the Money-savingbio-fuel making machineof EP factory adopts high-quality electrical apparatus elements. The overload protector and the leakage protector will protect the machine and the the operator. In addition, to maintain the equipment, you should inject lubrication oil on the rolling bearing regularly.

The Money-saving bio-fuel making machine should go through the run-test process after installing. The first step you should do is to add some lubrication oil on the joints of the machine. Then you should check all the bolts. If any bolts are loose, you should tighten them up. Next, you should make sure there is no sundry in the machine.

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