Zhengzhou E.P Machinery Co., ltd, the leading manufacturer of biomass briquetting machines and biomass pellet machines in China, was established in 2011. The core business of our factory is to manufacture biomass briquetting machines, biomass pellet machines and feed extruders for customers from all over the world. Apart from supplying equipment, our sales can provide solutions for you to design charcoal briquetting production lines. What’s more, we also provide installation services.



Zhengzhou E.P Machinery Co., Ltd is the top one manufacturer who is specializing in producing kinds of briquetting plants in China. We are devoted to research and produce kinds of forming equipment, including roller compactors, sawdust briquette press, charcoal dust extruding machine, shisha charcoal briquette press, sawdust briquette machine and the auxiliary equipment, such as crusher, dryer, mixer, hopper, etc.

During the operation of the pellet machine, we should maintain the pellet machine regularly to make sure it works normally. It is also necessary to protect and maintain the power system of the pellet machine regularly to avoid failures and ensure the smooth operation of the motor.
Generally speaking, PTO pellet mills are mostly bought for farm use or home use.
Biomass briquette machines are very common powdery material shaping equipment.
E.P has a lot of pellet making machines of different models for you to choose. Get quote now!