The advantages of pellet feed.

1426   2020-11-04
With the development of the feed industry, people pay more and more attention to pellet feed. In Europe, except for layer feed, pellet feed is mostly used. The use of pellet feed has the following adv...
Any equipment that operates with bad quality, improper installation, wrong operation, and poor maintenance may have much undesirable performance. So, what should we do if there is a bad phenomenon in ...
Grinding is an important process of pelleting. If the raw materials are grinded and then for pelleting, the adhesiveness of the materials will be increased, which will be good for pelletizing.
Many chicken feed pellet mill customers are care about the feed ingredients very much. Some customers may have questions about the feed ingredients problems. Here we collected some knowledges that you...
Zhengzhou E.P Machinery Co., Ltd. especially designed and manufactured the following ring die pelleting machine, and this equipment has the following advantages in raw material processing: