well-designed rice husk press machine in Turkey

2019-11-09 10:11:00
Summary :The well-designed rice husk press machine are high-efficiency and energy-saving equipment. Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to environment protection. And biomass briquetting machines can turn some plant wastes into useful charcoal, which will protect environment indirectly. Therefore, biomass briquette machines play an important role in this field.

Our biomass briquetting machines are made of special wear-resistant material. Thus, compared with traditional equipment, the refined briquette machines have long service life. In addition, well-designed rice husk press machine are labor-saving equipment. In this way, the cost of investment will be less.

There are various materials that can be used to make biomass briquettes through rice husk press machinein Turkey. For instance, you can make use of crop stalks, wood surplus material of forestry, organic wastes of food processing industry to produce biomass briquettes that can be used as fuel.

Ligneous materials have some inherent characteristics which determine that they can be made into briquettes as solid fuel. well-designed rice husk press machine in Turkey are designed to process these ligneous materials. Under high pressure, the spiral extruding device in the machine will press the material into briquettes.

The core part of the well-designedrice husk press machine is the screw propeller, which is made of ultratek and tungsten carbide. Hence, its service life is longer. What’s more, it can operate continuously for 40 to 60 hours. If you maintain it at regular intervals, you can use it for a long time.

well-designed rice husk press machine in Turkey

well-designed rice husk press machine in Turkey adopt v-belt drive which can make the machine work smoothly. In addition, v-belt drive can also act as overload protection device. Moreover, there are two connection modes of the machine head and the cylinder body: insert connection and bolted connection. And you can choose the best connection mode according actual situation.

A charcoal briquette production line basically consists of a crushing machine, a dryer, a well-designed rice husk press machine and a carbonation furnace. These machines are placed in order to make high-quality charcoal briquettes. What’s more, you can also equip an packing machine behind the carbonation furnace.

Charcoal briquettes are renewable fuel which is made from biomass wastes by well-designedrice husk press machinein Turkey. The calorific value of charcoal briquette is higher than common charcoal and coal. Moreover, the briquette is smokeless and odourless when it is burning. Apart from that, there is no poison generated during its burning. It can be applied for home heating and barbecuing.

Biomass briquettes made by rice husk press machinein Turkey are important renewable energy source, and it has gained more and more people’s attention. In addition, it is easy to realize large-scale production of biomass briquettes. And it is convenient to transport and store charcoal briquettes.

rice husk press machine in Turkey can make powdery and small granular material that contain lignin into briquettes. In order to produce high-quality briquettes, you should use material that is shorter than 3mm. Generally, a crushing machine will be used before the briquette machine to make material into suitable powder.

There are something you should know about installing a rice husk press machine in Turkey. Firstly, before installing, all the components of the machine should be cleaned. Secondly, make sure there is no broken parts in the machine. Thirdly, the machine should be fixed on the ground firmly.

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