New Type sawdust rod making machine of EP Machinery

2019-12-03 22:11:00
Summary :New Type sawdust rod making machine are used to convert powdery material into rod-shaped products under high pressure and temperature. This equipment has some requirements for the raw material. Firstly, the diameter of the raw material should be shorter than 10mm. Secondly, the moisture content of the raw material should lower than 12%. After the forming process in the biomass briquetting machine, the formed hollow rods will be put into a carbonation furnace.

In the industry of manufacturing charcoal from biomass wastes, New Type sawdust rod making machine and carbonizing furnaces are very important equipment. In other words, they are core machines in a charcoal briquette production line. If the raw material is relatively large pieces or granules, a crushing machine should be equipped before the biomass briquetting machine. What’s more, if the raw material is too wet, you can put a drying machine after the crusher machine.

Many materials can be used by New Typesawdust rod making machineof EP Machinery. Wood shavings, bamboo shavings, branches, twigs, wood offcut and fruit shells are good materials. There is one thing that you should notice is that they are hard material. Thus, the crushing procedure is necessary before forming procedure. And you need a powerful crusher to process those hard materials.

The working principle of New Type sawdust rod making machine of EP Machinery is quite simple. The crushed materials(twigs, stalks, straws, cotton stalks...) will be added into the feeding port. There is no need to add any adhesive in the powdery materials. Under high temperature and pressure, the materials will be pressed into high-density briquettes.

The structure of New Typesawdust rod making machine is compact. The finished briquettes can be used as fuel directly, or you can put them into a carbonation furnace for deep processing. Our machines can produce high-density briquettes which are solid fuel with high calorific value.

New Type sawdust rod making machine are adaptable for forming all kinds of biomass raw materials into briquettes. The material could be powdery or granular material as long as its moisture content is between 5%-12%. Besides, it is equipped with an electric heating device that can solve the problem of blocking material.

The working flow of producing charcoal briquette goes in the following order: crushing raw material, drying material, briquetting material into hollow rods, carbonizing the rods in furnaces. Throughout the whole production line , many different machines are needed. And sawdust rod making machineof EP Machinery and drying machines are important equipment.

New Type sawdust rod making machine of EP Machinery

People often use charcoal rods for heating, barbecuing and making hot pot. In the contemporary world, this kind of flammable fuel made by New Type sawdust rod making machine of EP Machinery is becoming more and more popular with us. Here are some advantages of it. 1.It is smokeless when burning; 2. its calorific value is high; 3. the burning time of it is quite long.

Biomass briquettes produced by New Typesawdust rod making machine don’t contain any phosphorus. Therefore, when the briquettes are burning, no sulfur dioxide  and phosphorus pentoxide will be generated. As a result, no acid rain will be formed. We can say using biomass briquettes as fuel is a way to protect the environment.

EP Machinery Company has 9 years’ experience in manufacturing sawdust rod making machine. Over the past years, we have helped many customers start their business in this industry. Importantly, we can provide you with high-quality machines and first-class service.

There are something you should know about installing a sawdust rod making machineof EP Machinery. Firstly, before installing, all the components of the machine should be cleaned. Secondly, make sure there is no broken parts in the machine. Thirdly, the machine should be fixed on the ground firmly.

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