Labor-saving sawdust screw briquetting machine to India

2019-11-10 10:11:00
Summary :Our biomass briquetting machines are made of special wear-resistant material. Thus, compared with traditional equipment, the refined briquette machines have long service life. In addition, Labor-saving sawdust screw briquetting machine are labor-saving equipment. In this way, the cost of investment will be less.

The Labor-saving sawdust screw briquetting machine are high-efficiency and energy-saving equipment. Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to environment protection. And biomass briquetting machines can turn some plant wastes into useful charcoal, which will protect environment indirectly. Therefore, biomass briquette machines play an important role in this field.

Many materials can be used by Labor-savingsawdust screw briquetting machineto India. Wood shavings, bamboo shavings, branches, twigs, wood offcut and fruit shells are good materials. There is one thing that you should notice is that they are hard material. Thus, the crushing procedure is necessary before forming procedure. And you need a powerful crusher to process those hard materials.

It is easy to understand the working principle of Labor-savingsawdust screw briquetting machineto India. Simply speaking, putting the powdery materials in the feeding port. Then the materials will be pressed and formed in the briquetting machine. After that, finished briquettes will come out from the discharging port.

Nowadays, people have attached importance to environment protection. Therefore, the future of eco-friendly equipment is promising. sawdust screw briquetting machineto India are such equipment and used to process some forestry and crop wastes. The other advantage is the investment of the equipment is small while the return profit of it is high.

The effect of rigid connection on the propeller bed and the machine casing is obvious. With this design, the machine can resist reaction thrust, so Labor-saving sawdust screw briquetting machine  runs steadily  and will not make too much noise when working.

At the beginning, the raw materials will be crushed into small pieces. If the moisture content of the raw materials is high, then they need to be dried. After the drying process, it comes to the core procedure of the production line: briquetting. After the raw materials are made into briquettes by Labor-saving sawdust screw briquetting machine to India, you can choose to put them into a carbonation furnace to make charcoal briquettes or pack them directly. In general, many people choose to conduct the carbonizing process because charcoal briquettes value more than “raw briquettes” that don’t go through the carbonizing process.

Labor-saving sawdust screw briquetting machine to India

The solid fuel(charcoal briquette) that is made by Labor-savingsawdust screw briquetting machineto India is of high calorific value. And it is easy to light the charcoal briquettes. Compared with ordinary timber, charcoal fuel’s combustion period is longer, and much less pollutants are generated during burning. All in all, the use of charcoal sticks can partly solve the problem of energy shortage.

Biomass energy has good ecological and social benefits. First of all, using biomass briquettes which are made by Labor-savingsawdust screw briquetting machine as fuel will protect the environment. Secondly, it will promote continuous development in agriculture.

There will be some unforeseen circumstances while using the Labor-saving sawdust screw briquetting machine. For example, if material clogs in the feeding port, at this time, you can use a batten or a bamboo cane to solve the problem. Notice: you mustn’t use metal bars which will damage the machine.

The Labor-savingsawdust screw briquetting machine should go through the run-test process after installing. The first step you should do is to add some lubrication oil on the joints of the machine. Then you should check all the bolts. If any bolts are loose, you should tighten them up. Next, you should make sure there is no sundry in the machine.

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