Labor-saving screw briquette machine of EP factory

2019-10-23 14:56:00
Summary :The Labor-saving screw briquette machine can turn forest wastes and crop wastes which contain wood fiber into flammable briquettes through the technique of hot compression molding. Compared with the similar machines of other manufacturers, the biomass briquette machines of our factory are more advanced.

Labor-saving screw briquette machine are used to convert powdery material into rod-shaped products under high pressure and temperature. This equipment has some requirements for the raw material. Firstly, the diameter of the raw material should be shorter than 10mm. Secondly, the moisture content of the raw material should lower than 12%. After the forming process in the biomass briquetting machine, the formed hollow rods will be put into a carbonation furnace.

Wood dust, crop stalks, peanut shells, branches and rice husk are common materials for Labor-savingscrew briquette machine. These materials will be made into briquettes. Next, the processed briquettes will be carbonized in a furnace. After this step, charcoal briquettes will finally be made.

Labor-saving screw briquette machine of EP factory employ the working principle of extruding materials under high pressure and high temperature. The components of EP biomass briquetting equipment are made of high-quality material.

This equipment is designed reasonably. What’s more, they are high-quality  screw briquette machine with a simple structure. In addition, biomass briquette machines are small in size, so the space demand of the machine is small. Moreover, the equipment is energy-saving and labor-saving.

Labor-saving screw briquette machine are adaptable for forming all kinds of biomass raw materials into briquettes. The material could be powdery or granular material as long as its moisture content is between 5%-12%. Besides, it is equipped with an electric heating device that can solve the problem of blocking material.

The working flow of producing charcoal briquette goes in the following order: crushing raw material, drying material, briquetting material into hollow rods, carbonizing the rods in furnaces. Throughout the whole production line , many different machines are needed. And screw briquette machineof EP factory and drying machines are important equipment.

The charcoal sticks made by Labor-savingscrew briquette machineof EP factory are widely used. For instance, charcoal briquettes can be used for heating in winter in the northern area. What’s more, you can use them to warm greenhouses when it is cold. In addition, you can also use those briquettes as fuel to cook.

Labor-saving screw briquette machine of EP factory

Biomass fuel is an important renewable energy resource. Nowadays, under the situation that fossil fuel becomes less and less, biomass energy aroused people’s wide concern. Charcoal briquettes made by Labor-saving screw briquette machine are the most common biomass fuel whose ash content and sulphur content is relatively low. That means it will not cause many pollutants to use charcoal as fuel.

We have a lot of experience in doing business with foreigners who come from all over the world. Our company’s aim is to supply high-class screw briquette machine of EP factory and production lines to our clients. We are looking forward to establishing partnership with you.

The Labor-savingscrew briquette machine should go through the run-test process after installing. The first step you should do is to add some lubrication oil on the joints of the machine. Then you should check all the bolts. If any bolts are loose, you should tighten them up. Next, you should make sure there is no sundry in the machine.

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