Roller-driven wood pellet mills
Roller-driven wood pellet mills
Roller-driven wood pellet mills
Roller-driven wood pellet mills
Roller-driven wood pellet mills

Roller-driven wood pellet mills

  • ModelHSKL-R300
  • Dimension1.35*0.75*1.4(m)
  • Voltage380v/400v/415v
  • Output250 - 350 kg/h
  • Weight540 kg

Product introduction of Roller-driven pellet mills

Roller-driven pellet mills are specially designed equipment for pelletizing powdery biomass materials, including wood dust, crop stalk, bamboo dust, rice husk, peanut shells, bagasse, alfalfa and so on. E.P flat-die roller-driven pellet mills are efficient equipment. You can adjust the compression ratio of the pellet making machine to fit different materials.

Working principle of Roller-driven pellet mills

Firstly, the powdery biomass material is fed into the feeding port of the pellet mill and falls on the mould. Then, the motor drives the main shaft to rotate and the rotating shaft will drive the rollers to rotate. In the rotating process of the rollers, powdery material will be squeezed in to the cylinder holes in mould. After some time, the pressed material will come out from the holes in the mould. At this time, the rotating cutter under the mould will cut off the pressed material and finished pellets appear.

Features of Roller-driven pellet mills

  1. The mould is reversible. Besides, the rollers are made of high-hardness 55-60 RC alloy steel;
  2. Different moulds matches with different compression ratio. A pellet mill can be equipped with several different moulds;
  3. The pelleting rate and output of E.P pellet making machines are both high;
  4. The pellet mill adopts gear driving. The gears are made of high quality alloy steel which is quenched;
  5. Stable running, low noise, large capacity, long service life;
  6. With safe and CE-approved electrical control system;
  7. There is an emergency stop button on the pellet making mill. Once emergent accidents happened, you could press the button to stop the machine.

Advantages of Roller-driven pellet mills

  1. This pellet making mill is particularly suitable for processing biomass materials;
  2. E.P pellet machine adopts all-steel structure and high-performance speed reducer;
  3. The mould is reversible, which can prolong the service life of the pellet machine;
  4. Its moulds are replaceable. For your reference, we provide moulds of different hole sizes (2.5-10mm).
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