durable biomass charcoal machine of EP factory

2019-10-17 18:56:00
Summary :The durable biomass charcoal machine is well designed. The structure of a briquette machine is simple and reasonable. And it is easy to operate the briquette machine. What’s more, the rate of finished products of our briquette machines is pretty high. That means our machines are high-efficiency equipment.

The durable biomass charcoal machine is also called charcoal stick extruding machine. It employs the working principle of screw extruding briquetting to compress the powdery biomass material into rod-shape solid fuel. This kind of briquette machines has a lot of advantages. For example, its production yield is high and it is energy-saving.

There are various materials that can be used to make biomass briquettes through  biomass charcoal machine of EP factory. For instance, you can make use of crop stalks, wood surplus material of forestry, organic wastes of food processing industry to produce biomass briquettes that can be used as fuel.

durable biomass charcoal machine have used the technique of piston stamping and spiral prepressing. That will make sure that the movement of the forming molds will not be damaged heavily. In other words, our briquetting equipment’s service life is longer.

durable biomass charcoal machine can be customized according to your requirements. For example, we can customize different molds according to the raw materials. Apart from this point, we can also customize the machines of different production yield.

durable biomass charcoal machine of EP factory adopt v-belt drive which can make the machine work smoothly. In addition, v-belt drive can also act as overload protection device. Moreover, there are two connection modes of the machine head and the cylinder body: insert connection and bolted connection. And you can choose the best connection mode according actual situation.

A charcoal briquette production line basically consists of a crushing machine, a dryer, a durablebiomass charcoal machine and a carbonation furnace. These machines are placed in order to make high-quality charcoal briquettes. What’s more, you can also equip an packing machine behind the carbonation furnace.

People often use charcoal rods for heating, barbecuing and making hot pot. In the contemporary world, this kind of flammable fuel made by durablebiomass charcoal machineof EP factory is becoming more and more popular with us. Here are some advantages of it. 1.It is smokeless when burning; 2. its calorific value is high; 3. the burning time of it is quite long.

Biomass charcoal briquettes made by biomass charcoal machine are clean energy. After burning, there is only little ash left. This is good for environment protection. What’s more, little ash is left means you don’t need a large place to store the ash. And the ash can be used as fertilizer.

There is a regulation for using a durable biomass charcoal machine. Before stopping the machine, the feeding port should be empty, which means all material in the feeding port has been processed. Besides, we suggest you install a ampere-voltage meter to avoid overload operation.

There are something you should know about installing a biomass charcoal machine of EP factory. Firstly, before installing, all the components of the machine should be cleaned. Secondly, make sure there is no broken parts in the machine. Thirdly, the machine should be fixed on the ground firmly.

durable biomass charcoal machine of EP factory

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