commercial sawdust briquette machine Supplier

2019-10-28 10:56:00
Summary :The commercial sawdust briquette machine is also called charcoal stick extruding machine. It employs the working principle of screw extruding briquetting to compress the powdery biomass material into rod-shape solid fuel. This kind of briquette machines has a lot of advantages. For example, its production yield is high and it is energy-saving.

Our commercial sawdust briquette machine are high-quality equipment. You can use this machine to make charcoal rods that are hollow. Generally, the diameter of the rods are about 50-60 mm long, and the diameter of the hollow part is about 15-20mm. What’s more, the briquetting machines can produce cuboid-shaped and six-sided cylindrical hollow briquettes. If you want to make charcoal products of other shapes, we can customize molds for you.

Biomass briquette machines are suitable to process a lot of different raw materials. It is not true that briquette machines can deal with all kinds of materials. If you want to use commercial sawdust briquette machine Supplier to make charcoal sticks, you should make sure that the moisture content of the raw material is among 5%-12%. If it is too wet, then you can dry it with a drying machine. In addition, the more lignin the raw material contains, the higher the carbon content of the finished charcoal sticks will be.

It is easy to understand the working principle of commercialsawdust briquette machineSupplier. Simply speaking, putting the powdery materials in the feeding port. Then the materials will be pressed and formed in the briquetting machine. After that, finished briquettes will come out from the discharging port.

commercial sawdust briquette machine Supplier

The core part of the commercialsawdust briquette machine is the screw propeller, which is made of ultratek and tungsten carbide. Hence, its service life is longer. What’s more, it can operate continuously for 40 to 60 hours. If you maintain it at regular intervals, you can use it for a long time.

commercial sawdust briquette machine are adaptable for forming all kinds of biomass raw materials into briquettes. The material could be powdery or granular material as long as its moisture content is between 5%-12%. Besides, it is equipped with an electric heating device that can solve the problem of blocking material.

Biomass raw material such as wood branches, bamboo dust and crop stalks need to go through four steps to be finished charcoal products. The four processing steps are crushing process, drying process, briquetting process(commercial sawdust briquette machine and carbonizing process.

Charcoal briquettes are renewable fuel which is made from biomass wastes by commercial sawdust briquette machine Supplier. The calorific value of charcoal briquette is higher than common charcoal and coal. Moreover, the briquette is smokeless and odourless when it is burning. Apart from that, there is no poison generated during its burning. It can be applied for home heating and barbecuing.

Biomass briquettes produced by commercial sawdust briquette machine don’t contain any phosphorus. Therefore, when the briquettes are burning, no sulfur dioxide  and phosphorus pentoxide will be generated. As a result, no acid rain will be formed. We can say using biomass briquettes as fuel is a way to protect the environment.

Every time you turn on the switch of a sawdust briquette machine Supplier, you should check the flexibility of machines’ rotating parts and make sure there is no abnormal noise. What’s more, before add material into the feeding port, the machine should idle for 2-3 minutes.

There are something you should know about installing a sawdust briquette machineSupplier. Firstly, before installing, all the components of the machine should be cleaned. Secondly, make sure there is no broken parts in the machine. Thirdly, the machine should be fixed on the ground firmly.

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