Professional sawdust briquette making machine Made in China

2019-11-08 04:11:00
Summary :Our biomass briquetting machines are made of special wear-resistant material. Thus, compared with traditional equipment, the refined briquette machines have long service life. In addition, Professional sawdust briquette making machine are labor-saving equipment. In this way, the cost of investment will be less.

The Professional sawdust briquette making machine is used in charcoal production lines. In general, the whole production line consists of a crusher machine, a drying machine, a briquette machine, a carbonation furnace and some auxiliary equipment. The finished charcoal products are of high density and good flammability.

Biomass briquette machines are suitable to process a lot of different raw materials. It is not true that briquette machines can deal with all kinds of materials. If you want to use Professionalsawdust briquette making machineMade in China to make charcoal sticks, you should make sure that the moisture content of the raw material is among 5%-12%. If it is too wet, then you can dry it with a drying machine. In addition, the more lignin the raw material contains, the higher the carbon content of the finished charcoal sticks will be.

Professionalsawdust briquette making machine have used the technique of piston stamping and spiral prepressing. That will make sure that the movement of the forming molds will not be damaged heavily. In other words, our briquetting equipment’s service life is longer.

It is widely acknowledged in the market that Professionalsawdust briquette making machine are  durable equipment. Here is the reason why our machines are long-lasting products. The main parts of the machines are made from special wear-resistant material.

Professionalsawdust briquette making machineMade in China adopt v-belt drive which can make the machine work smoothly. In addition, v-belt drive can also act as overload protection device. Moreover, there are two connection modes of the machine head and the cylinder body: insert connection and bolted connection. And you can choose the best connection mode according actual situation.

A charcoal briquette production line basically consists of a crushing machine, a dryer, a Professional sawdust briquette making machine and a carbonation furnace. These machines are placed in order to make high-quality charcoal briquettes. What’s more, you can also equip an packing machine behind the carbonation furnace.

Professional sawdust briquette making machine Made in China

The usage amount of charcoal briquettes made by Professionalsawdust briquette making machineMade in China is on the rise gradually. Charcoal sticks are increasingly used in our daily life and industrial production. On the one hand, charcoal sticks can be used in our favorite barbecues. Because charcoal rods are smokeless and odourless, they have become more and more favorable; On the other hand, charcoal briquetting sticks are ideal material for warming in winter.

Biomass briquettes made by sawdust briquette making machine Made in China are important renewable energy source, and it has gained more and more people’s attention. In addition, it is easy to realize large-scale production of biomass briquettes. And it is convenient to transport and store charcoal briquettes.

There is a regulation for using a Professionalsawdust briquette making machine. Before stopping the machine, the feeding port should be empty, which means all material in the feeding port has been processed. Besides, we suggest you install a ampere-voltage meter to avoid overload operation.

The Professional sawdust briquette making machine should go through the run-test process after installing. The first step you should do is to add some lubrication oil on the joints of the machine. Then you should check all the bolts. If any bolts are loose, you should tighten them up. Next, you should make sure there is no sundry in the machine.

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