Agro waste to pellet biomass fuel

2020-06-15 15:59:00
Summary :Agro waste is a kind of renewable energy sources. It can be turned into pellet fuel.

Agro waste is a kind of renewable energy sources. At present, many counties in the world are actively researching and developing the biomass energy. Generally speaking, agro waste includes it wood dust, the forest waste, agriculture wastes, aquatic plants and so on.

biomass material

Where does the resource of biomass energy mainly from?

Forest wastes

Forest wastes such as wood branches, ground bushes and leaves. The forest energy takes an important role for human beings who are living in the hill, mountainous area and the forest area.

Crop straw

Crop straw is the byproduct of the agricultural production. The crop straw can be used as feed for animals. It can also be used as raw material to make pellet feed or pellet fuel.

Wood dust

Wood dust is one of the common-used biomass material. It is waste material in timber factories and furniture factories.

pellet fuel

How to make the biomass pellet fuel?

Before make the biomass pellet fuel, we should get the raw materials such as wood dust, crop straw, domestic garbage, forestry waste. According to the different demand of the pellet machines, the raw materials should be crushed into powder.

The pellet fuel is compressed by the pellet machine with the high pressure and temperature. To get quality pellet fuel, the material should be dried. according to the different raw material, the moisture content of the raw material is better about 8%~15%.

Some materials contain enough lignin which could be regarded as binding agents. However, as for the material not containing enough lignin, extra binding agents are needed. If the moisture content of the raw material is too low, you can add some water or mix the material with high moisture content.    

The key equipment of the biomass pellet production line is the pellet forming machine. After the pellet making machine, the finished pellets need to be cooled down. The last step of the pellet making line is the packing process.

pellet making machine

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