Biomass pellet machines are eco-friendly equipment

2020-06-18 16:57:00
Summary :Biomass pellet making machines are eco-freiendly equipment that are used to recycle agro wastes and forestry wastes.

Biomass pellet making machines are mainly used to recycle agro wastes and forestry wastes. The finished pellets are renewable energy that can take place of coal. During the combustion period, there is no harmful gases and smoke generated. In other words, burning biomass pellets does no harm to environment. Thus, we call biomass pellet machines eco-friendly equipment.

The raw material for making pellet fuel is wide. All kinds of agro wastes and forestry wastes such as crop straws, cotton stalks, sawdust, wood branches, rice husks, fruit shells and waste wood. If you plan to start pellet business, you need do a research on the raw material that you can get easily to ensure smooth production.

biomass pellet machines

It is convenient to operate an E.P biomass pellet making machine. Only one operator is needed for the machine, so it is labor-saving and efficient equipment. When using the pellet machine, it’s important to lubricate the joint parts regularly. If the pellet machine is lack of lubricating oil, it will not be able to run normally. What’s more, in the pelleting process, friction force between the machine and the raw material is large, so the daily lubrication is significant.  

  The size of the raw material influencing the pelletizing effect. In general, the raw material used for making pellets should be crushed into 5-10mm particles. In addition, moisture content is also an important factor. It requires that moisture content of the raw material should be among 8%-15%. If your material is too wet, a drying machine will be helpful.

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