PTO pellet mill for farm

2020-08-28 16:26:00
Summary :Generally speaking, PTO pellet mills are mostly bought for farm use or home use.

What is a PTO pellet mill?What does the abbreviation “PTO” refer to? Well, PTO means “Power take off”. It is used to make wood pellet. Unlike common-used pellet equipment which is powered by electricity or diesel, there is no power device on a PTO wood pellet making machine, but it needs to be used with a tractor.

Here is the working principle of the PTO pellet mill.

A PTO pellet machine should be connected to a tractor. After starting the engine of the tractor, the PTO pellet machine will be driven to work. Because of this feature, PTO pellet mills are widely used in all kinds of farms.

PTO pellet mill

Advantages of E.P PTO pellet mills?

1. Reasonable structure: E.P PTO pellet press can be connected and disconnected from the tractor easily;

2. Inexpensive: The price of our PTO pellet making mills is lower than diesel-driven or motor-driven pellet making machines because they don’t need to be equipped with engines;

3. Energy saving: It can work continuously using less energy;

4. High efficiency: The output of 50~400kg/h;

5. Movable: The PTO pellet mill is small in size, so it’s convenient to move it around;

6. Flexible: The PTO pellet mills can make different pellets, as long as to change the moulds.

Generally speaking, PTO pellet mills are mostly bought for farm use or home use. Remember, if you want to have a PTO pellet making equipment, make sure you have a tractor already.

different moulds

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