Why biomass pellet machines are popular in the market?

2020-01-10 09:34:00
Summary :E.P Machinery has a lot of high-efficiency pellet making machines which can be used to produce biomass pellet of different specification.

The biomass pellet making machines are mainly used to make pellets from biomass material. E.P Machinery has a lot of different pellet making machines which can be used to produce biomass pellet of different specification. What’s more, you can contact us to customize the molds for making special pellets. Our pellet making equipment are hot-sale product in the international market. So, what advantages of  E.P pelletingmachines have makes them so popular ? Let’s figure it out in the following content.

biomass pellet making machines

First of all, compared with the raw material like crop stalks, the finished pellet products save much space. Generally, the material for making pellets is low-density biomass materials. And when we directly use them as fuel, dense smoke will appear. In contrast, the finished pellets are high-density products. And when we burn wood pellets, there will not be much smoke generated during the combustion period.

ring-die pellet machines

In the second place, wood pellets made by E.P biomass pellet machines can replace fossil fuel such as coal and petroleum to some degree. Currently, biomass pellets are regarded as a kind of new-type green energy which is clean. For your reference, the calorific value of wood pellets can reach 80% of the calorific value of coal. In addition, after burning, the ash content of biomass pellets is much lower than coal.

biomass pellets

The value of a machine lies in how much profits it can make. E.P pellet making machine is exactly a kind of valuable equipment. Therefore, it is very popular among customers from all over the world. In the future, our company will live up to expectations of all you guys and will refine our pelleting equipment and produce more efficient machines for investors. By the way, apart from pellet machines, we also provide pellet production line.

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