How to make pellet machines work steadily?

2019-12-31 14:20:00
Summary :As a novice in pellet business, if you have some questions about the pellet machine, you might get some your answer in this article.

Wood pellet machines are widely used pellet making equipment. There are many different materials that can be processed by a wood pellet machine. For example, you can use wood leftovers from furniture factories, all kinds of wood and lumber, sawdust, crop stalks, peanut shells, waste wood twigs and so on. Sometimes, very rarely, when the buyers transport the pellet machines in their factories and put the machine into use, the pellet making machine can not produce wood pellets steadily.If you have such problems with your newly-bought pelleting machine, you can get some useful information in the following content.Then you can find the corresponding way to solve the problems.

pellet making machine

There is a run-in period of the pellet making machine. For using the new pelleting equipment, at the beginning, you should use some oily powdery material to make pellets.In general, the moisture content of the raw material should be among 4-6%. After being lubricated by the oily material, the mold and the rollers will work smoothly to make wood pellets. Notice: you should adjust distance between the rollers and the mold properly.      

To adjust the gap between the cutter and the mold according to requirement in the instruction book.It is essential that distance between the cutter and mold is suitable, in order to ensure good pelleting result of the pelletizing machine.If the distance is too short, then the pellets coming out of the pelleting equipment will not be high-quality.

pelleting equipment

Another reason for unstable pelleting is that the motor of the pellet machine rotates reversely, which scarcely happens. Motor reversing is very dangerous in the production of wood pellets. Thus, when the worker is solving this problem, he must be very careful.You can also ask some professional electricians to help you solve this problem.

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