Hot Sale Biomass Briquette Machine with Factory Price

2019-10-23 14:56:00
Summary :To some degree, Hot Sale Biomass Briquette Machine are eco-friendly equipment, so the investment prospect of this kind of machine is promising. Currently, biomass briquetting equipment is widely used in the fields of industrial engineering, agricultural industry, stock farming, chemical industry, metallurgy, heating and so on.

In the industry of manufacturing charcoal from biomass wastes, Hot Sale Biomass Briquette Machine and carbonizing furnaces are very important equipment. In other words, they are core machines in a charcoal briquette production line. If the raw material is relatively large pieces or granules, a crushing machine should be equipped before the biomass briquetting machine. What’s more, if the raw material is too wet, you can put a drying machine after the crusher machine.

Our biomass briquetting equipment employs corn stalks, corncob, twigs, leaves and saw dust as raw materials. Firstly, you need to use an EP crusher machine to make those materials into small particles or powder. Then the crushed material will be compressed in the Hot Sale Biomass Briquette Machine with Factory Price.

Hot Sale Biomass Briquette Machine with Factory Price

Hot SaleBiomass Briquette Machine can compress powdery materials which contain lignin into briquettes. The molds for making briquettes can be customized. You can use this equipment to make briquettes of three different diameters: 45mm, 50mm, 55mm.

It is widely acknowledged in the market that Hot Sale Biomass Briquette Machine are  durable equipment. Here is the reason why our machines are long-lasting products. The main parts of the machines are made from special wear-resistant material.

The effect of rigid connection on the propeller bed and the machine casing is obvious. With this design, the machine can resist reaction thrust, so Hot Sale Biomass Briquette Machine  runs steadily  and will not make too much noise when working.

The working flow of producing charcoal briquette goes in the following order: crushing raw material, drying material, briquetting material into hollow rods, carbonizing the rods in furnaces. Throughout the whole production line , many different machines are needed. And Biomass Briquette Machine with Factory Price and drying machines are important equipment.

Charcoal rods which are produced by Hot SaleBiomass Briquette Machinewith Factory Price can be used in steel mills in order to make high-quality steel. In a word, charcoal briquettes are widely used in different industries, and the market demand of it also becomes large. As a result, biomass briquette machines are widely the international market. The usage of biomass briquette machines has greatly reduced the cost of making people's charcoal sticks, while profit multiples at the same time.

Biomass charcoal briquettes made by Biomass Briquette Machine are clean energy. After burning, there is only little ash left. This is good for environment protection. What’s more, little ash is left means you don’t need a large place to store the ash. And the ash can be used as fertilizer.

There will be some unforeseen circumstances while using the Hot SaleBiomass Briquette Machine. For example, if material clogs in the feeding port, at this time, you can use a batten or a bamboo cane to solve the problem. Notice: you mustn’t use metal bars which will damage the machine.

It is common that pilot run should be done before the Biomass Briquette Machine is put into use. Biomass briquette equipment is no exception. It should idle without any load for about 3 minutes at the beginning. If everything goes smoothly, you can add some material into the feeding port.

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