Henan biomass briquetting press machine to India

2019-10-23 06:56:00
Summary :The Henan biomass briquetting press machine is also called charcoal stick extruding machine. It employs the working principle of screw extruding briquetting to compress the powdery biomass material into rod-shape solid fuel. This kind of briquette machines has a lot of advantages. For example, its production yield is high and it is energy-saving.

Henan biomass briquetting press machine are used to convert powdery material into rod-shaped products under high pressure and temperature. This equipment has some requirements for the raw material. Firstly, the diameter of the raw material should be shorter than 10mm. Secondly, the moisture content of the raw material should lower than 12%. After the forming process in the biomass briquetting machine, the formed hollow rods will be put into a carbonation furnace.

Biomass briquette machines are suitable to process a lot of different raw materials. It is not true that briquette machines can deal with all kinds of materials. If you want to use Henanbiomass briquetting press machineto India to make charcoal sticks, you should make sure that the moisture content of the raw material is among 5%-12%. If it is too wet, then you can dry it with a drying machine. In addition, the more lignin the raw material contains, the higher the carbon content of the finished charcoal sticks will be.

Henanbiomass briquetting press machine have used the technique of piston stamping and spiral prepressing. That will make sure that the movement of the forming molds will not be damaged heavily. In other words, our briquetting equipment’s service life is longer.

Nowadays, people have attached importance to environment protection. Therefore, the future of eco-friendly equipment is promising. biomass briquetting press machine to India are such equipment and used to process some forestry and crop wastes. The other advantage is the investment of the equipment is small while the return profit of it is high.

The major components of a Henan biomass briquetting press machine are high-quality. They are made from wear-resistant material. With these components, the service life of the briquetting equipment has been prolonged.

Biomass raw material such as wood branches, bamboo dust and crop stalks need to go through four steps to be finished charcoal products. The four processing steps are crushing process, drying process, briquetting process(Henan biomass briquetting press machine and carbonizing process.

Henan biomass briquetting press machine to India

The charcoal briquetting rods made by Henan biomass briquetting press machine to India are used usually for outdoor barbecue. According to the characters and features of charcoal briquettes, we can also use this fuel in metallurgical industry, chemical industry, food industry, building industry, ceramic industry and stock farming.

Biomass briquettes produced by Henanbiomass briquetting press machine don’t contain any phosphorus. Therefore, when the briquettes are burning, no sulfur dioxide  and phosphorus pentoxide will be generated. As a result, no acid rain will be formed. We can say using biomass briquettes as fuel is a way to protect the environment.

EP Machinery Company has 9 years’ experience in manufacturing biomass briquetting press machine. Over the past years, we have helped many customers start their business in this industry. Importantly, we can provide you with high-quality machines and first-class service.

It is common that pilot run should be done before the biomass briquetting press machine is put into use. Biomass briquette equipment is no exception. It should idle without any load for about 3 minutes at the beginning. If everything goes smoothly, you can add some material into the feeding port.

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