Money-saving sawdust bricks machine for EU market

2019-10-26 06:56:00
Summary :To some degree, Money-saving sawdust bricks machine are eco-friendly equipment, so the investment prospect of this kind of machine is promising. Currently, biomass briquetting equipment is widely used in the fields of industrial engineering, agricultural industry, stock farming, chemical industry, metallurgy, heating and so on.

The Money-saving sawdust bricks machine can turn forest wastes and crop wastes which contain wood fiber into flammable briquettes through the technique of hot compression molding. Compared with the similar machines of other manufacturers, the biomass briquette machines of our factory are more advanced.

Money-saving sawdust bricks machine for EU market

Our biomass briquetting equipment employs corn stalks, corncob, twigs, leaves and saw dust as raw materials. Firstly, you need to use an EP crusher machine to make those materials into small particles or powder. Then the crushed material will be compressed in the Money-savingsawdust bricks machinefor EU market.

The sawdust bricks machine for EU market can make briquettes from materials like shaving board, sawdust board and crop wastes which need to be crushed firstly. The most important part of the equipment is the spiral extruding axle which is the forming part of the briquetteing machine.

The structure of Money-savingsawdust bricks machine is compact. The finished briquettes can be used as fuel directly, or you can put them into a carbonation furnace for deep processing. Our machines can produce high-density briquettes which are solid fuel with high calorific value.

Money-savingsawdust bricks machine are adaptable for forming all kinds of biomass raw materials into briquettes. The material could be powdery or granular material as long as its moisture content is between 5%-12%. Besides, it is equipped with an electric heating device that can solve the problem of blocking material.

The main equipment of the charcoal briquette making line include four kinds of machines: crusher machines, dryer machines, sawdust bricks machine and carbonation furnaces. These machines will be used one after another. Namely, the producing process goes in this way: 1.crushing 2. drying 3. forming 4. carbonation.

Charcoal rods which are produced by Money-saving sawdust bricks machine for EU market can be used in steel mills in order to make high-quality steel. In a word, charcoal briquettes are widely used in different industries, and the market demand of it also becomes large. As a result, biomass briquette machines are widely the international market. The usage of biomass briquette machines has greatly reduced the cost of making people's charcoal sticks, while profit multiples at the same time.

Biomass briquettes made by sawdust bricks machinefor EU market are important renewable energy source, and it has gained more and more people’s attention. In addition, it is easy to realize large-scale production of biomass briquettes. And it is convenient to transport and store charcoal briquettes.

Every time you turn on the switch of a sawdust bricks machinefor EU market, you should check the flexibility of machines’ rotating parts and make sure there is no abnormal noise. What’s more, before add material into the feeding port, the machine should idle for 2-3 minutes.

It is common that pilot run should be done before the sawdust bricks machine is put into use. Biomass briquette equipment is no exception. It should idle without any load for about 3 minutes at the beginning. If everything goes smoothly, you can add some material into the feeding port.

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