What should be noticed when operating a wood pellet machine?

2020-06-24 11:00:00
Summary :E.P will tell you some useful tips on operating a wood pellet making machine.

Some clients are novice in the pellet making industry. In this article, E.P will tell you some useful tips on operating a wood pellet making machine.

First of all, after you receive your pellet making machine and transport it to your factory, you’d better not use it immediately. The wood pellet making machine should idle for at least half an hour. After this step, you are allowed to add material into the pellet machine.

wood pellet machine

Secondly, at the beginning you use the wood pellet equipment, you cannot add too much wood dust in the wood pellet machine.

Thirdly, during teething period, the output of the newly-bought wood pellet making machine is a little lower than rated output. It is normal. After the teething period, it’s output will reach to the rated output.

wood pellets

Features of E.P wood pellet machines:

1. Energy-saving and labor-saving. This will reduce the invest cost of a wood pellet making machine;

2. High-efficiency. E.P wood pellet machines can make wood pellets efficiently;

3. Stable performance. This feature will guarantee the output of the pellet making machines.

We have various of pellet machines to meet your different requirements. In addition, we also provide customization service, which means customize a pellet machine according to your requirements.

For more information about our wood pelleting equipment, please contact us.

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